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Synchronize. — Daily Prompt: The random third page of my autobiography. OK. Really, just a book I want to write. Someday.

on December 30, 2012

Page 3.

We met during his last semester at Virginia Tech. I remember it clearly…third floor of Hutcheson Hall on the west side of the drill field. The course was: COMM 4135: Public Relations Case Studies. I was always nervous on the first day of classes and sat down in the middle of the room, trying not to be noticed too much. This school was always too big for me.

So, that was what I did–Blend. The professors entered the classroom about 5 minutes late, acted nice, but slightly annoyed with the lot of us. And then proceeded to lay out the entire semester as if we were all about to enter Hell and had no idea.

I think that I remember seeing him that first day. Sitting near the windows, toward the front. Saw his brown hair, longer in the back (read, cool kind of mullet of the early 90s, but he will deny that…) I think he my have even asked some questions…that would be his style. But I can’t be sure. I was so focused on being a little scared.

Needless to say, I found the first class to be completely overwhelming. How was I going to work 25 hours a week at the public library plus taking some ungodly amount of classes and still complete this course? We were going to be assigned to small work groups. We were going to be working for local clients, designing a public relations campaign. It was going to be a ton of work. There was just no way. I was a double major in Communications and Elementary Education…I didn’t need this nonsense.

I went straight to my Mom’s office in McBryde Hall, climbed to the fourth floor, and asked her to drop me from the class. This is the part where you all think I’m a spoiled brat because my Mom worked on campus and I never stood in line for classes. Ever. I’m sorry to everyone else at VT in the 90s…it is true. She totally hooked me up. Come on…She’s my MOM!

But she also gave it to me straight…as both an Academic Adviser and a … Mom. She said that she knew the professors and that they weren’t that bad.. and perhaps…maybe… there were probably too many in the class and they were… maybe… trying to scare some students out. She eventually convinced me to go back, at least to the second class and give it another chance.

In all fairness I owe it to my Mom for all things good in my life. My best friend/hubby/partner. My X and Y. My … Life. Thank goodness for her advice or else I would never have met him. Would never have fallen in love. Would never have had a wonderfully imperfect life together as a family.

It was yet another example of … Synchronicity.


2 responses to “Synchronize. — Daily Prompt: The random third page of my autobiography. OK. Really, just a book I want to write. Someday.

  1. Jan says:

    I love this blog. I love your family. I use this example with others who want to drop a class too soon. 🙂

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