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Disappoint. — Gimme a ticket machine!!

on December 26, 2012

X cake

The year X was turning four, it was February and we had not had a single snowfall all season.

But wouldn’t you know it, the day of his birthday party, the weather forecasters were hyping the first (and as it turns out, the only) snowstorm of the year.

And to make it just a bit more complicated, his party was planned at Chuck E. Cheese, requiring friends and loved ones to travel about an hour each way in order to enjoy (endure) video games and cheap pepperoni pizza.

We had to make a decision earlier in the day to cancel the party.  I made the call to Chuck E. Cheese; Called the friends and family members and then tried to figure out a plan B for the kid.  Fortunately, we convinced one of X’s buddy’s families to meet us at Chuck E. Cheese about 3 hours earlier to try to beat the storm.

We figured that we could eat pizza, get some tokens and get our games on, and all would be well and Happy Birthday, X!

Which is what we did and all had a good time. Games were played. Pizza was eaten and everyone was happy. Until, we looked outside and realized that yes, it had indeed, begun to snow. So, we packed it up and started the drive home.  About 30 minutes into the trip, heading back up the mountain toward home, I realized that this could be more than Weather Channel hype after all. It was really coming down. Hard. And Fast. I immediately felt so bad for our friends who were also out in this mess, risking their lives for the cheap pizza, skeetball and whack-a-mole!

Slow and steady, we fortunately all made it home safely. Our friends didn’t actually get ‘home’ … they couldn’t get down their road because of the snow and ice and had to park their car at a neighbor’s and walk to their house.

The next day, we enjoyed the winter wonderland, the day off from school, sledding and hot chocolate.  We gave the boy child his presents and he had his birthday Spiderman cake, blew out his candles.  We thought all was well. He seemed happy and pleased and not at all disappointed by the Chuck E. Cheese cancellations.


Sometime this summer, all of a sudden, X began to realize that he had gotten a little screwed in the birthday party department. Even with our best intentions, trying to make him believe that he did indeed have his party at Chuck E. Cheese.  “Remember, we went. We played games. We had pizza. Z was there.” X began to realize that no, he had not had cake there  with the big headed mouse.  He did not have a group of friends and family singing “Happy Birthday” to him. He did not get to wear a crown like he has seen other kiddos wearing at other birthday parties we’ve been to.

And then. the coup d’etat…He did not get to get in the ticket machine. You know, the giant glass booth where they turn on a giant fan and tickets fly around your face and you grab as many as you can and stuff them in your pockets before your time is up. We didn’t even know that he knew about the ticket machine. But all of a sudden, the disappointment of his snowed out birthday party was making sense to him.  He started to realize that things didn’t go as planned and as much as we tried to convince him that he did indeed have a birthday party…he knew the truth. He knew he had gotten screwed by the weather. He knew that February birthdays were going to be trickier than his sister’s July birthdays that seem to always take place at the pool.

He got it and the disappointment started to become real.

Since then, he has been talking about his 5th birthday party.  He wants a do-over. The kid wants a crown and some friends and cake and tokens and games and pizza … and he wants the ticket machine experience.

I think I need to check the Farmer’s Almanac and see what the weather will be in mid-February next year.  He’s a good X.  He should get the ticket machine and all the cheap pizza he can stand.



3 responses to “Disappoint. — Gimme a ticket machine!!

  1. Ha! Those darn kids have memories like Orca the whale.

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