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Battle.–X Tells a Tale from the Bath. Part 2.

on December 26, 2012

Previously, on X Tales from the Tub, our superheroes were in major trouble and Buttman was about to be dropped into hot lava. Nobody was certain of what would happen next?

On this episode, Captain America arrived to try to save our Spiderman who were in peril last week, hung from a toothbrush.  (Ok, if you haven’t clicked on the link above to part one, you are really going to be lost.  You can’t get this kind of synopsis in your TV Guide!) Unfortunately, there is a new bad guy in town…Evil YoYo. Captain America was no match for him …. this time.

Iron Man’s plane met an unfortunate ending, crashing into the coffee table, tossing Iron Man out like a piece of garbage.

Thor and IronMan #2 were engaged in battle with the Evil YoYo, but had no idea what they were up against.

And it would seem that our superheroes were down for the count with their weapons…just. out. of. reach.

The Evil YoYo was wreaking havoc on the town, running amuck and tying up all the good guys at every turn. No one seemed able to stop him.

Fortunately, for Thor and Iron Man and all human and plastic kind alike, later that evening, the call was heard, “ASSEMBLE!” Superheroes came from near and far, (from birthdays past and recent Christmas presents) all to arrive in the throne room to prepare for an epic battle.


What will happen? Will these superheroes bring enough power to stop the Evil YoYo? No one knows for sure.

Well, only one person can tell this tale:


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