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Light. — Reflecting on the Light-ness of Being…

on December 25, 2012

“Just do it”, Krista of WordPress says. Write and post every day for one week. Easier said then done for this busy Momma.  I just made a blogging faux pas, hitting the publish button way too soon, way before I was even finished with a thought. Silly me, I was trying to write and engage in action here with two kiddos during what I thought was a quiet Christmas morning moment…that is when the “Mommy, can you get me’s” started. 🙂 

Here is what I meant to say:

I am currently very aware of light.

It started a few weeks ago when I moved into a new office. My space had been in the basement of an old building circa 1929. It was fine. Nothing fancy. Packed to the hilt with things I need and didn’t need to do my work. No windows of course, but I hung an old window frame leftover from my brother in law’s house remodel many years ago. Painted blue.  I’m a snob about flourescent lights as they have always bothered me, so I always left those off and instead used four different lamps in the four corners of my little ‘luxury box’.

Now. Now, I’m in a new space that is flooded by glorious, glorious natural light. Tall windows that give off a skylight feel. I have come to realize in the past two weeks just how much light can affect everything.

And when I leave the office, I am surrounded by the festival of lights at Christmas time.  I enjoy putting the lights in our windows at home. Two little Christmas trees on the front porch. The tree in the living room.  I love sitting there, late at night, with the rest of the lights in the house out except for the tree.  This equals peace to me.

This year, however, I couldn’t find clear lights for the tree anywhere and had to use color lights instead. I have to say, while still pretty, it wasn’t the same. X and Y enjoyed it, but it felt a little busy to me. I missed the clear lighted peace.  I’ll plan ahead for next year.

Seems I am a little snobby about my Christmas lights, too.

Our neighbors go all out each year, putting up lights on their house and on every tree in their yard. And while I cannot imagine my ever doing this, because it looks like a LOT of work to me, I still am so thankful that they do it and I enjoy my own personal light show each December.  

A few weeks ago, we went on a cruise and I was so thankful for a cabin with a window. The light that poured through the small (good size considering) window made such a difference in making the room feel bigger, the air seem fresher (without being able to open it) and gave us a literal window on the world. The sunlight floated into the room in the morning, waking everyone early against the gentle rocking of the ship. It was such a lovely addition to the whole experience.

And a different kind of light:

While on this trip, we made our way through multiple airports and since we were traveling with little people who seemed to need a lot of stuff, we had the experience of checking two suitcases.  On the flight south, the airline allowed 50 pound suitcases without penalty.  I packed the suitcases very carefully and met that requirement to the pound and was … quite pleased with myself.  However, on the flight north, on a different airline, the limit was 40 pounds and after that there was a $50 charge.  Little did the airline employee know, the challenge she had issued me. I packed and repacked the suitcases and bags three times before being able to lighten the load of the two suitcases being checked.  And I finally succeeded in lightening the two bags and off they went down the conveyor belt.

Of course, my load wasn’t lightened much as I inevitably was now carrying 10 more pounds!

Then last night’s Candlelight ceremony, while singing “Silent Night” was the epitome of peaceful Christmas scenes.

I was a little concerned with just how excited X was with ‘holding his own fire’ — it seems he may have inherited his father’s pyromaniac tendencies. 🙂 Will keep an eye on that for sure.

Enjoy the lights of the season, while you can, before folks start taking them down.

Makes me think that maybe leaving lights on your house all year long, isn’t a bad thing after all.

Merry Christmas, Everyone.


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