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Click. And Drag. Learning as we go. Reflections @noon

on December 25, 2012

Picture this … Today @ noon:

We were all still in our pajamas lounging on the couch. The kiddos are both a little under the weather, battling the seasonal sniffles, coughs and throw in some random low grade fevers every now and then. Christmas clutter is everywhere, but I haven’t stared to clean up just yet. (Trust me that time came a bit later in the afternoon when I reached my limits and needed to be able to walk through the living room.)

The Avengers bike that Santa brought for the boy child was assembled and I was reflecting on just how big an 18 inch bike looks next to my X; thankful that I hadn’t given away his smaller bike just yet as I was questioning whether or not he could ride it right away. (Later he and I went for a bike ride and he yet again proved me wrong, managing to ride quite well, with the only difficulty being when he had to stop because his little feet just barely reach the ground. With a couple of tumbles at the stops, he was quite proud of himself and his big boy Avengers bike.)

The girl child was under a blanket, looking a little weak and uncharacteristically still and satisfied. Meanwhile I was working on setting up her new laptop that the “big guy” dropped off last night. I have to say, this little Acer is kinda sweet. It weighs almost nothing and is super fast. And for the record, is way better and newer than the goliath laptop that I call mine. And while I worry about whether we made the right choice with letting her have this technology this early, I am adamant about allowing her opportunities to learn and explore … Within some limits and watchful eyes.

And while I also worry about getting this laptop set up correctly, and recognizing that I think the iPad is much more user friendly, and that I’m actually struggling with it a bit… I was also reflecting on how quickly my kiddos are growing and how precious moments are…even when they are not perfect. On Christmas Day.

So. At high noon, today, I was clicking and dragging, reflecting on life and trying to remember not to worry so much and take it one day at a time, learning as I go.

3 responses to “Click. And Drag. Learning as we go. Reflections @noon

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  2. seeker says:

    “Reflecting, remembering not to worry and take one day at time, learning as I go”: thank you for your wisdom, mommy. Merry Christmas.

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