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Hold. Tight.

on December 14, 2012

I will never understand this kind of senseless violence. My heart is broken. And I don’t have many words that make any sense.  Lots of tears. Prayers.

The Momma in me wants to go get my X and Y now and never let them out of my sight again.  But I know that’s not the answer.

The teacher in me flashes back to the nightmares I used to have of trying to protect my 2nd grade students during something like this.  And I have to admit, I don’t envy my teacher friends sitting in classrooms right now with young people, thinking the same exact thing. What would I do? 

Sadly, in my new work, I have a little tiny bit of recovery from school violence experience, albeit very peripheral thankfully  —

—-  due to living and working where I live and work.

So, here is what the National Association of School Psychologists says about Talking to Children About Violence:

1. Reassure children that they are safe.

2. Make time to talk.

3. Keep your explanations developmentally appropriate.

4. Review safety procedures.

5. Observe children’s emotional state.

6. Limit television viewing of these events.

7. Maintain a normal routine.

(For more information, see: )

The MommyVerbs blogger in me says, pay attention to the verbs there:

Reassure. Make. Keep. Review. Observe. Limit. Maintain.

And I’ll add…. Hug.


Yeah, Let’s All Go, Do that.


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