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Tie. — A little ditty about a cute Redhead and a $2.00 (well, $4.00) Target Investment…

on December 13, 2012

My crew and I just embarked on a little family getaway–“An impromptu birthday/we have almost survived this year/the holidays are coming/because we deserve it”–Three Day Cruise to sunshine and warmth. And I have to say it was glorious and explains my little absence from this space.

As with most cruise vacations, there is usually an opportunity for travelers to enjoy a formal night at dinner. The definition of formal is left wide open for interpretation, thankfully, so let’s just say we all looked very nice. Formal, no. A little Fancy, yes.

Packing and planning for a trip like this is a lot of work, so there was preparation galore. A trip to Target was necessary to get a few items in order to make us all look a little more fancy. Purple, sparkly, bejeweled shoes for the girl child. Check. A blue button down shirt and pants that aren’t all superhero-ed up for the boy child. Check.

And then there was a sale on …. little boy ties. Yes, tiny little 2T-5T navy blue clip-on ties. For only $2.00. In a million years, I didn’t think X would ever really wear it, but at least I would have it to offer for his fancy dinner outfit.

I casually mentioned to X that I had bought him a tie for Fancy Dinner and he actually seemed a little excited about it. So I played it up some more and told him how handsome he would look and what a great outfit he would have for Fancy Dinner. Fancy Dinner had by this point, become a thing we talked about. The week before, we had l-o-n-g conversations and practice sessions about manners and behaviors at Fancy Dinner. There was even the threat of sending them off to the Cruise Babysitters if they couldn’t let Mommy and Daddy enjoy a meal where we actually got to…sit down and have someone bring us … whatever/anything.

When it was time for dinner on the first night, not even the Fancy Dinner, but just dinner, X decided to wear his tie with his little blue polo shirt. Too. Stinkin. Cute. And everyone noticed him. I mean, I am biased for sure, but when a little red head with one little dimple and a mischievous smile, half walks, half skips past you, wearing a random little tie, you would be have to be heartless not to smile back. Seriously. Cute. And he got a ton of attention for it, too. The wait staff and the servers all commented on how cute both Y and X were, but always mentioned the tie.

So. X thinks knows he is hot stuff. After dinner, he asked me, “How come everyone likes me more than anybody else on this boat?” Ah, humble, my child, is. And yet, still my practical X because…

The next night at the actual Fancy Dinner, we all looked a little shiny. One, we had some wonderful pinkness to our cheeks and noses after a day in the sun, but we were a bit sparkly too. Bejeweled shoes. Suit Jackets. Dress with Heels. And…a 2T-5T navy blue clip on tie. Clipped on by X. Again and again. And Again, too stinkin’ cute.

The gentleman from Jamaica greeted us by name for the second night’s dinner and then in a high-pitched, way cool accent said, “Alex-Mon, you be bahck and wearing dat tie agahain!” X grinned from ear to ear and blushed just a little, knowing good and well that he looked…. goooood. Then the gentlemen crouched down beside the boy child and did something that made X’s day. He offered X …. Five dollars for his tie!

I haven’t seen X make a decision this fast ever– he didn’t blink an eye, jerked off the tie, and held out his hand to collect his money. Needless to say, our Dinner Friend was quite surprised and laughed out loud saying, “Ah, a business mon, you are, you are.” As much as X loved his tie, I think it is fair to say he likes his money more.

Fancy Dinner was fun and YUM and there was only one spilled glass but it was just water, so all was well. T and I actually sat through the entire meal and did not once have to retrieve anything for anyone. Very unusual and very Heavenly, really. There was even a moment or two where I felt like we had some adult conversation. So weird and lovely.

X wore his tie the next day to breakfast, still in his Spiderman pajamas, with it clipped to his shirt while he ate his fruit loops with a side of bacon. (That kids loves some bacon and that is not something we ever have in our house, so “Eat Up, Kid” Enjoy it while you can.)

But all too soon, it was time to self-assist our way off of the boat, way too early, carrying way too many things with a four-year old who was up way too late last night and who wanted to help carry … nothing. With his tie clipped to his Avengers t-shirt, we made our way through the obstacle course of lines of other self-assisters and escalators and elevators, past the baggage claim (since we were self-assisting our own luggage), through Customs, out the doors and down the sidewalk to the rental car shuttle.

And then we all heard the excited shriek of the X child, “My Tie!?! Where’s My Tie?!!?” Quickly, followed by, “Can we go back and get it?!?!”

Sorry Buddy. Oh, the disappointment. Three days of fame with his 2T-5T Navy blue clip on tie, now… just…gone. Sadness. Tears.

His big sister felt his pain and said something brilliant and caring  for her little 7-year-old self: “Maybe someone will find it and send it to you.” X perked up, but replied with an equally brilliant question: “How will they know it is mine?!”

And then this Momma had the idea.

Skip to … two days later, when an envelope arrives in the mail with X’s name on it. Inside, was a note with a Jamaican accent and a 2T-5T navy blue clip on tie.

Yep, they were still on sale at Target. And this picture, makes it totally worth another $2.00.


8 responses to “Tie. — A little ditty about a cute Redhead and a $2.00 (well, $4.00) Target Investment…

  1. Share. Thanks for sharing – brought back a lot of memories. My guys had “zipper ties” (the zipper was hidden so it always fit) and yes, they wore them with everything! Big Guy loved his suspenders too! Glad you had a good time away. You’re a super Mom!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Love! Thanks so much for the note…this boy makes me laugh every. single. day. We had such a nice time…wishing for more time to archive some of our stories from the trip. Maybe I can go without sleep for a few days. Ha! The Life o’ Busy Moms! 🙂

  2. smirkpretty says:

    Vogue. Remember when that was a verb? I love your kid’s sass and swagger. Thank you for the smile!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Oh my…Sass and Swagger…that describes him perfectly. Here’s one: Tonight as we entered a local college restaurant, he walked by a group playing pool, reached up and nonchalantly rolled a couple of the balls and kept walking, completely unaware that he had interrupted a game. I just stood there and looked at the ‘boys’ playing…and then we all had a good laugh.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      And I do remember when Vogue was a verb. Did it stop being a verb? oh dear…

  3. Nominate. As in I nominated you for the Liebster award. Instructions are available on how to ‘accept’ (if you want to accept) in my post:
    (sorry – I don’t know how to make that a link…)

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