Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Waffle. Scatter. Smother. Dice.

on December 1, 2012

It is true. I am a recovering Waffle House snob. But my good friend/’work spouse’ loves her some Waffle House. And since there is a brand new one, just opened up in our little town, that is where we went for my birthday lunch.

Yes, it went down like this. One day a few weeks ago, as we were driving to a meeting together, I made fun of the new Waffle House. There was an obvious *gasp* from the passenger seat. “What?! YOU don’t like Waffle House?!  Come on!!”

I know some people just don’t like breakfast food places. But that is not at all what this is about. I actually LOVE breakfast–probably my favorite foods to enjoy. No, my Waffle House snobbery and aversion comes from my general disdain and un-comfort-level with fast food places.  And as I continue on this journey of health coaching classes and integrative nutrition, the more I grow to hate fast and fake food for me and my family.

And for the record…it is true, I have already successfully turned both of my children against Taco Bell, too. I’m sorry corporate Taco Bell folks and college kids everywhere, I just cannot get on board with your menu and cheapness of nutritional un-value. So, I have methodically told the kiddos about unpleasantness that can happen after eating at this place. To the point that Y has actually asked, “So who chooses to eat there and have that happen to them anyway?!” Yes, I’ve indoctrinated them.

I was on my way to doing the same thing with the Waffle House, too. I had actually already told Y that it was the Taco Bell of breakfast. I know, I know….harsh.

But, I waffled back and forth (see what I did there?!) and then made the leap to trust and try. And to be fair,  I have to now admit that Waffle House is not at all like Taco Bell. You can actually go in and sit down. Yes, your menu serves double duty as a place mat, but they do cook the food right there in front of me, so I can see everything. And…bonus…as far as I could tell, it was real food.

As it turns out, the Waffle House shares my affinity for verbs and action words, too! Yes, right on the menu/place mat, you actually get to use a variety of verbs to order your hash browns.  I selected: Scattered. Smothered. And Diced.  Which is Waffle-House-ese for: Hash Browns with onions and tomatoes.  And they were indeed, yum, as X would say.

My good friend, in her attempts to sell me on the Waffle House, shared their family saying: ” You never leave Waffle House without a story. I had found my verbs, that was easy enough. So, I was on high alert for my story. Then this little gem was handed to me:

I was showing my friend my new driver’s license that had just come in the mail.  It is all black and white and fancy with a new hologram version of me in the corner (with my old favorite picture!) when the server came over to give us our check.  She said, “You know why they made the licenses like that now? Well, now the police officer can swipe your card and pick up your fingerprints and tell exactly what drugs are in your system from your fingerprint smudges. I know this, my Dad is a cop.”

As she walked away, we both said, “What?! That can’t be true, can it?!”  I’m going to have to do a little research … one day…when I care more about that.

….but if it is true…my license now has a little bit of Waffle House on it.  Yes, Officer. I’m on … bacon.

Love you Laura. Thanks for lunch!


7 responses to “Waffle. Scatter. Smother. Dice.

  1. Melissa says:

    Well, you’ve convinced me. I, of course, am of the same mind as you on fast food places (and even some sit-down places). But I do love me some Waffle House, and I’ve been working very hard to keep myself from asking C if we can go there one weekend morning for breakfast….so now, maybe I will! Love you!

  2. Melissa says:

    Relax. Oops–I didn’t pay attention to the comment challenge! So, I will relax and get smothered, capped and diced!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Good one, Mel. Relax. Everything in moderation. Of course, there are not-great choices to be had there, but if you stick with the basics and you get a good story out of it…it can’t be all bad! Love ya!

  3. Pour. As in pour on some maple syrup – Big Guy and I used to enjoy “Brinner” when Hubby was working shifts…”Brinner” is Breakfast for Dinner (e.g., pancakes and sausages)! MMmm..

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