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Bathe. X Tells a Tale from the Tub.

on December 1, 2012

Part one:

It would seem that the bad guy, aptly named, “Butt Man” has been been, well, bad, hence the bad guy status.

In everyday life, Butt Man is really just an unassuming little guy from…who knows where…until X realized that his superhero suit actually highlighted his rear end and re-named him.

It is unclear just what Butt Man has done and what sent him down this road of crime and mayhem. Nevertheless, Butt Man has been captured and is awaiting his ultimate demise and doom.

Yes. That is a bucket full of hot lava. Poor Butt Man. He is about to be dropped into the water hot lava along with the other bad guy, Dr. Octopus. They don’t stand a chance.

And our real superheroes are absolutely no help at all. It would seem that another bad guy force may be on the loose. These Spidermen have been hung from a toothbrush. How. Will. They. Escape?! This is madness.

The only hope was this Spiderman on his motorcycle…but he seems more interested in doing acrobatic cycle riding than actually helping the helpless citizenry and heroes in peril.

Oh. What will happen!? Until the next..ahem…bathtime, (which could really be at any moment) to see the next installment of ….X Tales from the Tub.

As a MommyVerb side note: When we looked at this house 4 years ago, I literally fell in love with THIS garden bathtub in the beautiful Master bathroom. I had visions of candles and wine and long hot bubble baths for … me.

I know, I know. Crazy talk. Never once did I think there would be hot lava dangers abound…

Wouldn’t. Change. A. Thing. Four Year Old baths are much more exciting adventures.


4 responses to “Bathe. X Tells a Tale from the Tub.

  1. Jan says:


  2. […] on X Tales from the Tub, our superheroes were in major trouble and Buttman was about to be dropped into hot lava. Nobody […]

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