Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Win!– 6 little numbers. How hard can that be?!

on November 28, 2012

We break from regularly scheduled MommyVerbs reflections on action word engagements….. for this piece of nonsensical dribble:

Hi. My name is Sharon. I am a lottery winning dreamer.

(Hi Sharon!)

I am not ashamed to admit that I have a Powerball ticket and I am ready to use it.

Ok. Ok. I know it is unlikely. Yes, beyond unlikely. Closer to galactically impossible. I mean, I get it, I have a better chance at being struck by lightning while riding bareback on dolphins just at the very moment that I find Blackbeard’s long lost treasures in the Caribbean than winning the lottery. But damn it. Somebody is going to win this freakin’ thing. I could be somebody.

My best friend/partner/hubby and I often chat about what we would do if we did win. Just so you know…we have a plan.

And he has a theory, that we shouldn’t walk around talking about what good things we will do with our newly found winnings. He says we should say things like: “I’m gonna buy a boat.” and leave it at that. I think the good karma promises to the universe sound so phony to him, so why bother with it? It’s a stupid game. A Let the balls fall where they may and see what happens.

But, just in case he is wrong…here are a few quick thoughts…in no particular order…of what I would hope to do…..IF….

1. I’ll help out a local church I love. Do lots of missions work. Pay off their bills.

2. I’ll get a good lawyer who will be happy to meet me and I’ll set up a ton of endowments and trusts and rich sounding things like that.

3. We will never tell the kiddos. Nope. They can’t keep a secret to save their lives. And this might be something you don’t want a ton of people to know about. Wait… that should probably #1 on this list.

4. Of course, family and close friends will be anonymously taken care of at unexpected times. Like For. Ever.

5. We will do random acts of generosity and kindness because that is a lovely feeling to see a need and be able to help.

6. We will travel. Really travel. See and explore the world. I’ll turn this into a travel blog. MommyVerbs … on the Road.

7. …. hmmm…what else… actually, when I think about it… that amount of money scares me a little. Well, scares me a lot. That is a LOT of money that could become a LOT of trouble very quickly…. hmmm…..

Maybe T is right.. maybe we should just leave it at: buy a boat.

And leave MommyVerbs as it is.

Good Luck Powerball Playas!


4 responses to “Win!– 6 little numbers. How hard can that be?!

  1. Jan Francis says:

    I, too, bought a ticket. I did not hit one number. Better luck next time!

  2. mzklever says:

    My husband the accountant calls the lottery “the stupid people tax.” Then I get really long lectures on how if I were to take those dollars and invest them, blah blah blah. I’ll just say, “Buy more yarn,” and leave it at that.

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