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Party. — a ripped Ann Taylor shirt, a few bruises and a spoon in my bed.

on November 19, 2012

Again, a noun disguised as a verb:  Party.

For anyone paying attention I’ve been counting down to my 40th birthday. We are currently at 5 days until…

So, tonight was a little pre-40th birthday celebration. It was originally a surprise…but come on, I live with a 4 year old and a 7 year old, neither of whom can keep a secret to save their lives. So, let’s be honest here, the best friend/partner/hubby saved his sanity by declaring this party about two weeks ago. I give him credit. He did good.

Close friends. Family. Lots of food. Seriously, please come over and make a sandwich because we have just a few leftovers. AND…he made two, count them, two cakes from scratch. YES. From scratch.  A German Apple Cake and a chocolate bundt cake. They were both pretty and ‘yum’, as X would say. There were funny cards, presents of sock monkey slippers, and well, wine. I also got an original painting from a friend that said, “Wake up and Be Awesome!” So cool.  And there was a video retrospective with pictures of me over time. A little tradition I started with the kiddos birthdays. Kind of crazy to watch the passing of time to just a few of your favorite songs (which by the way included California Girls, a little Duran Duran and of course, “My Sharona”).

And there was fun, until the spoons came out. Oh my. A friendly game of spoons. You know the game…cards, pass around one by one, keep the ones you want, try to get 4 of the same card. Then you can grab a spoon. See a spoon missing? Grab a spoon before the last one is gone. Done. Person without spoon = loser.

We. Love. This. Game. In my house. Y especially … and it killed her that she didn’t get to play the first few rounds, but honestly, I worried for her safety. Finally, her nagging wore me down and I let her in, but, like I told her, she was on her own, to say the least.

Especially, when the friendly neighborhood spoons game became … Ultimate Spoons. Now. I think we can blame the recent (as in last night!) State Championship Volleyball Coach for the idea, but I can’t be sure. No. I’m sure. It was her idea. And yes, she is the coach of the recent State Championship Volleyball team, but she is also one of my best friends. Circa 1986. Yeah. I can’t make that up. I love her.

So, yes, ultimate spoons ensued. Spoons are no longer on the table to grab…now, yes, now, they are all over the freakin’ house. Hidden. Everywhere. So, now there is running involved.  You get the picture. But just in case you don’t … here is a video … just for proof.

Ok. So that was fun.

And then somebody decided that all of the spoons should actually be placed upstairs on my bed. Seriously, I’m not sure how someone didn’t end up at the emergency room. All I remember is a flash of cards flying through the air. Everybody running down the hall and then a pile of people on the stairs. Somebody had the back of my shirt, the Coach was pulling on my arm and then I saw the back of Y’s head.  Y somehow managed to see a tiny whole and stuffed her little self through it and up the stairs to retrieve a spoon. Eventually most of us made it up there with squeals and laughter.

Hysterical. And maybe it is only funny to me and mine and not really worthy of a blog post, but, come on, that’s just good times right there. And it was declared a party without T having to fall asleep first. … Long story.

And I didn’t even share the part about the pull up competition that took place earlier.

But much later, when everyone went home and I was crawling into bed…I found a spoon.


Thanks for a fun time, friends and family. And a huge hug and kiss to the best friend/partner/hubby for making that happen.

You. You are awesome.

Love you.


12 responses to “Party. — a ripped Ann Taylor shirt, a few bruises and a spoon in my bed.

  1. Lori says:

    Sounds that a pretty perfect birthday party to me! Glad you had such a great time. Memories in the making 🙂 Happy Birthday!!

  2. mostlydomesticated says:

    I think you are my long lost twin! I want to come and drink wine and play spoons with your family!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      I love that we have found each other! At long last! I will need to give you fair warning about the Ultimate Spoons however. Be prepared. It’s brutal. But crazy fun. I’m sure you will be just fine!

      Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting! Hope your ‘Honey Badger’ approves of your doings today!

  3. smirkpretty says:

    What a happy family! You’ve done so well creating the setting for just such a celebration. Way to go!

  4. Beth Yopp says:

    Ha-lar-i-ous!!! Hate I left a moment too soon! Good times was had by all! It made it so much more fun to read the post having the video of our crazy “sisses” in action to watch!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      You know you would have been right in the mix with us…if you liked or even understood the game of spoons. Sorry, I know it’s not your fault. A 7 year old tried to teach you. 🙂 But the next time Ultimate Spoons rolls around–here’s what you do: when you see someone throw down their cards, start throwing elbows and RUN! You’ll get the hang of it. 🙂

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  6. Happy birthday! Spoons sounds like a serious game, your title is a great one! I’m glad that you had an awesome party, welcome to the forties. I’ve been in the fourth decade for five years and it’s a nice one.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks so much! Spoons isn’t usually THAT intense…it was the ULTIMATE spoons that made it so much fun that night. My friends were complaining for days about how sore they were…from both the laughing and the hip and shoulder injuries. I’m enjoying 40 so far…I certainly stretched the celebration out long enough! Ha! Engage the day! Thanks for hanging out with me!

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  8. […] Party. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green […]

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