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Tag. — A not so much Weekly Photo Challenge of a very Green Blogger

on November 17, 2012

Tag. You’re IT. I grew up in a little neighborhood in a little house at the end of a cul-de-sac. There were a ton of kids to play with and we could almost always be found outside, playing. Playing whatever game we could think of. And if we weren’t on our bikes, we were playing some kind of tag game.

It’s a simple game. Somebody is IT. IT chases everyone around, trying to catch them and ‘tag’ them. If you are tagged, you are either out or become IT yourself.  Keep playing until everyone has had a turn. Or until everyone gets bored and moves on to something else.

And there are a million variations of the simple game of tag: Freeze Tag-when tagged you have to freeze in your tracks until someone tags you again and releases you from your statuesque pose, which usually involved randomly having your arms in the air and standing on one foot. TV Tag-where you have to show your knowledge of dramas and cartoons and romantic comedies in order to be set free. Or Tunnel Tag, a variation on freeze tag, but now someone has to crawl through your legs as a tunnel to be unfrozen.

But now I am trying to learn a new kind of tag game.  It is the proverbial tagging on these blog posts in WordPress.  It also appears to be an easy game:

Write a post. Tag it. Put it in a category. Publish it. Fabulous people find blog post. Like it. Follow it. Fame and fortune ensues.

As simple as it sounds, I think I may not be doing this right.  And I want to get this right. Because I have set a new goal for the coming year. The year of being 40.

***I want to be freshly pressed.***

There I said it. I am declaring my new love for WordPress and I want the fame and glory of being on that one freshly pressed page. I want the little blue stamp on my sidebar. I want my stats chart to be off the charts and my little orange comment box lit up like the sunshine pouring through my window right now, making it … actually hard to see the screen …because of the glare. I need to move…

I know I’m new to this.  I know I’m not the most talented writer by any means.  My blog is only 23 posts old and really just a baby.  But in that time, I have discovered the amazing community of souls and writers that live here in WordPressburg. And I’m looking forward to being a resident here for a while to come. Living in a little house at the end of a cul-de-sac.

And I’m loving this process. I’m loving my blog. I’m getting a lot out of writing this every day.  I’m learning more about myself and I’m paying attention to details of life.  I’m enjoying the creative outlet. I’m no longer walking around thinking in Facebook statuses, but instead, in verbs and action words and the stories of my life behind them.

My family is playing along, too. My husband will now make a blog topic suggestion and then we will debate the right action word to call it.  At ‘tuck in’ the other night, Y and I played a little game I called, Verb Exchange, for close to 20 minutes.  I say a verb. She says a verb. And repeat… ad naseum.

And I’m slowly figuring things out.  Slowly. One thing at a time.

But I think the key to the kingdom of readers (and fame) is Tagging. Yes? Am I right?

So, I need to figure out the tag game of this little neighborhood. How does one become IT here in WordPress? Even for a tiny little part of this world?

Right now, I just list a bunch of words that are in my blog post or are connected to the action word of choice for the MommyVerbs blog. I have completed a couple of the Daily Press Challenges, so sometimes I have used ‘postaday’ or ‘weekly writing challenge’ but I’m not sure I am doing that right either.  I googled WordPress tags and just found a support document about using Zemanta–I clicked the little box and now I am seeing some recommended links and tags popping up as I write.  Is that the missing link? We shall see.

I should post this under the GREEN photo challenge with a picture of me…because that is really what I am in the blogosphere…as green as green can be.  But I’m happy to be here. I’m glad I get to play.

So, tag! You’re it! And if you are playing TV or Tunnel Tag…ummm….”Buffy the Vampire Slayer!” “Quantum Leap!” “My So-Called Life!” Now crawl through my leg tunnel and I’ll keep running around in circles!

Let’s All, Go. Do that.

                          Introducing…this very green blogger! 


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