Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Color. — Rejecting Black Friday’s Hue.

on November 16, 2012

I have said it before, I like a verb that will also play a noun. Without a single three letter word. I think.

This morning,  my 40 days to 40 journey became a topic of conversation.  Briefly.  It ended quickly when someone so cleverly declared that my 40th would also be known as Black Friday. There were giggles filled with irony.

I honestly hadn’t realized that. 40th Birthday. Black Friday.  Seems kind of obvious. Still…

This made me think about ways we color a day. We  filter situations, like a lens, deciding which ways to look at something.  I know folks have dreaded this milestone, while I have intentionally decided to make it significant.

We picture an ending like it is over and grey. Or  like a sunset with reds,  oranges, pinks, purples.

We imagine a conflict through brown, olive drab or focus on fixing with violets, roses.

We avoid a task or a mess with a rainbow of muted colors or decide to step over it,  focusing on that coloring sheet with pointy crayons we have to work with to color that turkey.  We don’t even have to  give attention to numbers or directions.

Black Friday.  I reject that color. That won’t  be this color of this day.

Because I plan to color it differently.

I think it will be pink.

Or maybe yellow with a splash of orange. It is November.

But it won’t be black. No matter if it slims.


4 responses to “Color. — Rejecting Black Friday’s Hue.

  1. Edie says:

    What a wonderful way to look at “color.” Great blog!

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