Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Lose. — The Price of Being a Crazed Multi-Tasker

on November 8, 2012

I can’t stand losing things.  Because. Lost things … Lost things haunt me.

I’m talking about losing things.   Objects.    Stuff.

I share this as a MommyVerb, for I have lost my favorite necklace and I’m kinda (read: very) bummed about it.  I know, I know what you’re thinking.  “Dude, it’s a necklace, not a big deal. Come on, people have lost their houses recently.  Quit your bellyaching.”

And I totally agree. In the big scheme of things–So. Not. A big deal.

But, I woke up yesterday morning and while getting ready for the day, discovered that my favorite little charm of a necklace was not around my neck where last, I remembered it.  And I love that necklace.  It is nothing fancy, black silk rope for the string and just one small charm of the Tree of Life symbol, all swirls in shiny silver.  It is supposed to imply balance and certainly symbolizes my search for such!   I was planning on it being the tattoo that I get someday soon.  It looks kind of exactly like this:

Have you seen it?!  Kidding.

This was bound to happen because every now and then, it would just fall off.  Sometimes it would come undone and just slide down my shirt . I would find it on the floor, or randomly my best friend/partner/hubby would just  hand it back.  But this time. This time, I think it may be gone.  Because I was in a million and one places yesterday, doing a million and one things.  It.  Could. Be. Anywhere.

It is lost.  I have lost it.

And I  thought about it all day long.  I looked in my bathroom drawer 40 times, thinking I will open it and there it will be. It is not. I walked through the whole house, the steps to and from my car, I even called a couple of places I had been.

Distracted (read: obsessed) by the lost necklace, I poured a second cup of coffee.  I added my Stevia and coconut milk creamer and took a sip.  Not quite warm enough so a few seconds in the ol’ microwave should do the trick.

Fast forward 10 minutes to me and my X, walking the house, looking for my lost coffee mug.  Gone. Lost. Are you kidding me?!  I couldn’t figure it out and couldn’t let it go. X suggested that I just make more. (He’s a ‘fixer of problems’ already at the age of 4, like his Daddy.)  But, seriously, where could it be?!

It wasn’t until after I had dropped him off at preschool and was driving to work, now obsessing over the latest lost thing, that I realized. Ah….still in the microwave it is. 🙂

Life is like that, isn’t it? We are just so busy. Running around from one place to another.  Doing…. Being….. Multi-tasking…. that when something isn’t where it is supposed to be or even how it is supposed to be, it can throw a kink into our entire day.

That’s why MommyVerbs are always in the present tense.  It is supposed to be a reminder for me and maybe even for you,  to slow down and be; engage in that action word. Now. Let’s all Go. Do that.

I’ll try not to lose that thought today.  …. Wait…Where’s my phone?!  🙂


4 responses to “Lose. — The Price of Being a Crazed Multi-Tasker

  1. Tom says:

    In Europe, people take a slower approach to their day… Long lunches and/or naps. Shorter days. Longer vacations. I think we need more of that in our culture.

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