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Find.— I really need to fix that clasp.

on November 8, 2012

An update to the MommyVerb: Lose.

Truth be known. I wrote “Lose.”  late last night, but didn’t publish until this morning–(Hello, I’m not wasting any writing at all these days.)

It was my way of trying to let go. Let go of what I had lost.  I was trying to make peace with the universe ( in several ways) and the first step was just to acknowledge that it was gone. Let it go. Move on.


This morning, I found that silly little necklace! I couldn’t make up a better ending to this story.  I went to open X’s curtains and blinds to let some light into his room and there it was! On the floor by his bed! Just like I had imagined finding it, just laying around somewhere.  It probably fell off while I was tucking him into bed.

Needless to say, I squealed and thanked the universe and ran to share the news with my best friend/partner/hubby.   He was at that very moment, coincidentally (?), on his phone looking at Etsy stores for a replacement “Tree of Life” necklace.  I think he was worried about what the lack of balance in my life could actually do to his world! 🙂 Smart Man.

X was super excited that it was found in his room.  I told him his room would now be called  “The Lucky Room of Lost Things Found!”  He had a silly Monkey grin on his face and had not a clue as to what I was talking about.  He just likes to see his Momma acting silly about silly things.

I Love it!  I hope you all have a wonderful experiencing of finding something, anything today.

Find joy. Find happiness. Find a new attitude. Find a job. Find a new friend. Find a treasure. Find a lost thing. Or…Find peace without it.

Whatever it is, I hope you find it today.  Seek it out.  See what happens.  See what you can find. Let’s All, Go. Do that.


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