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Move. — Follow her lead.

on November 3, 2012

So, here I sit. On my couch downstairs when I should be sleeping. I’m warm, under a blanket, wrapped in my robe and wooly socks. I obviously have electricity, working on this computer, lights on with mindless tv in the background. Snoring dog by my side (who needs a bath, I think).

But just a few hundred miles from here, right now, there are those who are in need following the tragic Hurricane Sandy.

Last night, Prime Time Television included a telethon, #sandyhelp. So my family and I watched and listened and enjoyed the entertainment pieces of it all. Jimmy Fallon stealing the show from Steven Tyler. I liked seeing the lighter side of Brian Williams, as obviously Jon Stewart brings out the good ol’ Jersey Boy in him. Billy Joel and Bon Jovi and Christina and Sting and Mary J. Blige and the list goes on…. And of course, I tried to make a moment with X and introduce him to The Boss, but he was too busy (and too loud) wrestling with his playmate/Daddy on the floor.

And while the boys were being boys, as I think about it now…..Y was still. And watching.

But beyond the songs and celebrities, there were the pictures and videos. Of those folks who are just like me and my family, just a few hundred miles from here, who have lost. Everything.

The message was clear. There is need. People need help. Families need stuff. The American Red Cross is ready. So….

Do something. Give.

But instead of feeling a call to action, my reaction was just …. overwhelmed. I sat and watched with tears in my eyes, the images of people and houses and subways and cars and … just tragedy and mess and … see, overwhelmed. I texted my $10 donation–REDCROSS to 90999 dutifully and sat. Overwhelmed. How will that help anyone? Why can’t we get more help to them faster? How long will this take for folks to get back to norm-….well any kind of ‘new’ normal? Will it be enough? Just overwhelmed by the thought of it all.

And while I sat and wondered Why? and How? My Y was also watching. And she saw it differently. She sat with me. She watched the videos and images. She asked questions. She paid attention. She tried to understand.

Then she moved. She got up and went upstairs.

The telethon was over. I went back to my nighttime routines, feeling yes, overwhelmed and tired from feeling overwhelmed. Check off the 9 p.m. list. Dog outside one more time. Dishes in the sink. Toys off the floor. Shoes in the closet. Dog back inside. Lights out. Kids upstairs. Then on to pjs and brushing teeth and tucking in, before I can be done for the night. Back to normal.

It wasn’t until I found Y upstairs, in my bathroom closet, rifling through storage boxes and pulling out toothbrushes and bandaids that I realized what she was doing and what she had done.

She was moving.

She looked at me sheepishly, obviously not sure if I was going to fuss at her for making the mess in the bathroom closet. And when I didn’t say anything, she smiled and replied, “Don’t look!” as she ran excitedly back to her room.

Following her lead, I found her within those pink walls, standing over a box of…stuff. She had moved, indeed. She had created a care package box of … stuff. A box full of things that she thought people needed and things she was willing to give up for them.

I opened the cardboard lid and it was stuffed to the rim. Full of stuffed animals. Clothes. Toys. Socks. Underwear. (She even convinced her lil’ brother to make some donations, too.) Mixed in were those bandaids and toothbrushes and other rather random assortment of toiletries she found.

She stood over it smiling and began telling me that she wanted me to go through my things and donate too because she only had kid clothes and grownups needed stuff too. Tears came to my eyes yet again.

She does this. She moves. She sees a need and feels an obligation to help. I love her charitable spirit. I need to encourage it. I need to model it. I need to learn from her.

So I will research how to get this … stuff to someone today. Maybe we will go by the Red Cross. We will donate her box. I will hope that they will take it. If not, we will find another option.

I will take a lesson from the girl child today. She didn’t sit and wallow around in feeling overwhelmed by tragedy. She got up. She did something. Anything. She did something that she could do. She gave. She moved.

Move. Give. Let’s all. Go. Do that.


Here is her box of…stuff to help others .


9 responses to “Move. — Follow her lead.

  1. Guylene says:

    WOW! We shall be led by the children. What a powerful piece.

  2. Jan says:

    What a lesson to be learned from Y. She saw the need and she acted. If everyone in American does that then help will come quicker to those who have lost everything. Thanks Y. Well said! I’m off to donate now.

    • Sharon says:

      And Y adores YOU, Jan! She’s something else, isn’t she?! 🙂 Be sure to click on the follow link to get updates on the latest action words! ❤

  3. Edie says:

    So proud of her! Love your new blog!

  4. LOVE! I was the recipient of the box your kids made….My Son Avery (9), daughters Leia (8) & Hannah (3) made sure that the items your kids chose went to kids in need. There is a family in their school that lost everything and they were so overwhelmed by the contents. People donated clothes and other household items so they had that but the Dora dolls and books were heartwrenchingly perfect. Allowing a kid to the reigns and “do their thing” is amazing. Kids are amazing! I do apologize for it taking me this long to respond…it’s been very emotional. We were luckier than most that were effected by this hurricane but it still effects me. My eyes are welling up as I type even this!!! Everything you’ve done has been truly amazing…

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Oh my. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this note. I cannot imagine what this journey has been like for all of you. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. We are all thrilled that her box of “stuff” found its way to others in need. Thank you. I believe you have done so much to help your community. This note motivates us. Let us know if there is more to be done.

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