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Declutter. — It’s My Superpower!

on October 25, 2012

Don’t be disappointed. This verb gives itself away.  Clearly, this won’t be a soul searching, deep engagement type of action word post.  Let’s be honest…Declutter is not a sexy MommmyVerb.  But, I’m here to admit, that I love it. I love to do it. It makes everything , I mean everything, just a little bit better.

Declutter.  By definition, it means “to simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, and complications.”  Sure. Its name says it all…where once there was clutter, now it has been ‘de-ed’, gotten rid of, gone/hidden.

In my world though, the act of decluttering is so much more than just getting rid of mess.  It does so much more than that. It is practically a ritual.   When I come home from a busy, hectic day, taking a few minutes to declutter, can actually clear my head.  It helps me transition.

Transition from Sharon, where I’ve lived for 8 or so hours, officially back to Mommy.  Mommies wear so many hats and do so many jobs.  So those of us, who leave the house to do other work, come home to our families to do different other work.  Those of us who work in the house,  in addition to the work we are doing, also have to work through the fact that the whistle never blows; the end of the workday never comes.  5:00 p.m. or not. I argue, that we need a time, a time and place where it all becomes a little new again.  Well, I know I need it.

I need the toys back in the toy box.  I need dishes in the sink and better yet, in the dishwasher. I need dirty socks discarded under the kitchen table chairs (my kids must prefer bare feet to anything) to at least be in a pile on the stairs to be taken up on the next trip.  I need shoes in the hall closet.  I need backpacks and jackets hung up, even if its just hung on the back of a chair. I need the blankets folded and placed on the back of the couch and pillows straightened up a bit.  I need the counter top wiped down, just to get rid of breakfast crumbs, embarrassingly left behind, from well, this morning.

Let’s be clear.  There is not actually cleaning going on at this point. I probably don’t have the time and/or energy to actually make the rooms clean.  I turn the Scentsy plug-ins on for that. My theory being — if it smells clean, like ‘Oats and Honey’ or ‘Beach Sands’ or ‘My Wish’, then it must be clean– or at least convincingly pretend to be clean.

No, I don’t have time or the energy at this point to actually get out the vacuum cleaner and use it. I’m sure someone needs me to watch them do some cartwheels, kinda.  I don’t have time or energy at this point to dust the coffee table. I”m sure someone is in desperate need to invite a friend over and must ask 14 times in a row.  I don’t have the time or the energy to make sure the hardwood floors are clean, because there is a dinner to make and a dog to feed and a best friend/partner/hubby to talk to (even in interrupted sentences, a minute at a time.)

And because I don’t have this crazy notion of time and energy,  I have become a master at decluttering. Seriously, if decluttering were a competition, I would totally dominate.  I can fold those blankets and put the remote where it belongs, practically with one hand. I can scoop up the dishes, socks, shoes, toys, all at once, and distribute them back to their original homes (or dirty clothes hamper.) I make it look easy, but there is definitely skill involved.

My best friend/partner/hubby calls it my way of ‘hiding stuff.’  But he lets me do it.  X and Y kind of get out of my way, too. They know that Mommy needs this time and they all let me have it.  Because they don’t see it as a survival skill for me. They are just thankful that I am doing this.  Even X and Y know that if there is something to be picked up, it is always better to let the one who wants to pick it up and put it away actually get to be the one to pick it up and put it away. Which is what I am doing.

I am putting order to the disorder. I am getting rid of mess. I am simplifying the complicated.

I am ….decluttering. It is one of my superpowers.


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