Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Accept. — Doors and Windows go both ways.

on October 24, 2012

Sometimes, things happen. Good things happen with bad things.  Tragic things happen alongside miracles.  Doors Close. Windows Open.

There are red lights followed by green lights. There are complaints followed by compliments.  There is hard. There is easy.  There are family game nights and seven year old meltdowns. There is the perfect meal and then the sunken homemade birthday cake.

Sometimes the stress of a situation can take your breath away. Then a random text from a friend can relieve the anxiety. Just a little bit.

You find the parking space. You run out of gas. You are first in line. The machine breaks. This is starting to sound a little bit like an Alanis Morissette song.

Whatever IT is—it is true that you have to accept the situation. We accept that things happen. We accept complications.  We even accept credit.

Just tonight, I heard the phrase, “Accept what lands.” Interesting.  Be accepting of what comes our way, both good and bad and accept it for what it is. The traffic jam. The three hour wait in line. The lost contact lens.  The sweet message from a friend. The unexpected check in the mail. The favorite movie randomly on T.V.

Accept what lands implies that we welcome our destiny. We accept the events that happen to us.  But…NOT in a passive way.  We are not victims, helpless to react to what is landing in our lives.  No. Accept implies action. Actively accept what lands, catch it and then do something with it.

But what will you do with it? How will your acceptance of what lands in your life motivate you? To be still or move forward? To Stay home or work elsewhere? To Cry or laugh?  To Begrudge or forgive? To Choose sad or choose happy?  To Wallow or Appreciate?

We accept situations, just like we should accept the people in our worlds. I accept my best friend/partner/hubby for who he is and what he brings to my world.  I accept Y for her firecracker ways, for her sweet, sincere spirit, for her over extremes. I accept X for his red-headed monkey loudness, his interrupting manners, and his incessant talking at times.  I don’t make excuses for them. I accept them and their behavior and their gifts and their mess ups. Just as they are.

And I’m trying to accept Hatteras, for his puppy exuberance and super hyper, obnoxious ways. But that one may take a bit more time.

Accept what lands.

Let’s All, Go. Do that.


8 responses to “Accept. — Doors and Windows go both ways.

  1. Mandi says:

    Thank you!! Sharon, I really needed this today and I am SO happy to accept it and it’s healing for me today.

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Mandi! Feel free to follow this blog for more as the inspiration comes along. So very glad that it was helpful for you today. I believe in synchronicity, things come along as they are supposed to…we just have to pay attention.

  2. Tom says:

    Well said!

  3. Jan says:

    “Sunken home-made birthday cakes?” This blog was very insightful and well written.

  4. […] 30.1. “Accept what lands.” And I’ll add, “Catch it and Do Something with It!” Thanks Kathleen Volandt.  I like that a lot and am adding it to my 40 days til 40 journey.  Accept. […]

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