Engaging Each Day with Action Words


on October 22, 2012

Everything about my world screams that I should be satisfied.

And trust me, I am. Kind of.

Thankful? Absolutely. I am thankful for my family–my partner/best friend/hubby, my X and Y treasures. I am thankful for a home and a yard and great neighbors.  I am truly blessed with lifelong friends and confidants. I am thankful for a job that I enjoy most days. I am thankful for having enough and for more than enough and for opportunities and good things all around.

And yet… sigh.

There are things I still want. I want to do something. Something else.  (By the way, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a winning lottery ticket.)  I want more time and freedom and flexibility. I want to be able to do creative things. When I want to do them. I want to be able to do one, just one pullup before I turn 40.  I want a tattoo. I want to write a book. I want to write that book and then go on a book tour and take my family with me to see the country. I want to have a successful blog. I want many followers on that blog and want those folks to get something out of the time spent with me.  I want to give a Ted Talk. I want to be a motivational speaker.

I want to be able to go to the gym whenever I want. I want to be a good role model for my children and love my body the way it is (but I also wouldn’t mind shedding these 10 pounds either.)  I want to travel and see places. I want to be a health coach and work with children and families. I want to own my own business and do the things that I am really good it. I want to then have fun doing that every day. I want more time. (I said that already, didn’t I?)

X wants chocolate milk everyday. Y wants to have friends over to play everyday. T wants us to keep his office space just the way he wants it. I want these things, too. I want my house to be clean and the clothes put away. I want toys in the toy box and real food on the table.

And then I want inspiration and self control. I want patience and compassion. I want to do mission and also make money. I want flexibility and security. I want peace and excitement….

But I have a lot, I get to do a lot, I am a lot to a lot of people, so…I should be satisfied, right?

When does satisfied become complacent? When do I let go of the things that I want and want to do and just be satisfied with the things I have and get to do?

So while I am trying to really engage in each day, the struggle is always the balance. Because what I really want is more. I want to do more, be more, love more… Somehow that doesn’t seem wrong or ungrateful. It starts to seem more like goals. There are things I want and things I want to do.  Period.

So, maybe want isn’t such a bad word after all. Maybe it is a way of saying that I have a few more dreams to play with. Hence the wanting of …

Something. Else. More.

What do you want? What do you want to do? Claim it here.

Now. Go. Do that!


4 responses to “Want.

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