Engaging Each Day with Action Words


on October 21, 2012

I have recently decided to change my personal tag line. That sounds so funny to say. I have a personal tag line. Really? You know what I’m talking about. The way we sign our letters, notes, emails. I have been a closet collector of others’ tag lines over the past year or so.

“Peace and Cheers”
“Love and Light”

I adopted the phrase, “Enjoy the Day” and tried to make it mine. Take care and Enjoy the day. Thanks and Enjoy the day. The idea was to bring focus to really enjoying each and every day. There’s nothing wrong wth that. Let’s really be intentional about finding times in our days to enjoy. Have fun with. Notice. Pay attention.

However, on my journey toward imperfect progress (Unglued), otherwise known as my 40 Days to 40 adventure countdown, Enjoy isn’t a strong enough word. Enjoy implies a sense of passiveness. Sit back and enjoy the show. Watch it. Appreciate it. Smile at it. Marvel at it.

It’s not enough.

In my professional life, I am constantly talking to folks about actively engaging students in their learning. Whoever does the most work, learns the most. Students have to be actively engaged in their own learning in order to get the most out of it. I swear I say that every day.

I must be a bit of a slow learner. It just dawned on me…that is what I want to do each day. I don’t want to just enjoy the day. I want to engage it. I want to engage with it. I want to get dirty and make a mess with it. I want to mess up and make it right. I want to pay attention, but actively give attention to it. I want to be an active participant with each day. I want to notice it, but also make a note of it.

I’m here to do the work. I want to learn the most. Therefore, introducing my new tagline:

Engage the Day.

(it’s a challenge as much as a tagline, by the way.) Go. Do that.


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