Engaging Each Day with Action Words


on August 1, 2011

Life must be lived as play.

Sometimes, we forget, in the hustle and bustle of it all…how important it is to find time to play.  Just play. Kids know this…at what age, do we forget how to play?  X, age 3, is still in on the secret.  I love to watch him play when he doesn’t know I’m watching.  He’ll dig through the toy box, find some forgotten treasure and… game on!  He’ll be racing cars across the living room, creating a traffic jam of bulldozers and dumptrucks that could only compare to Carmeggedon on the 405.  Then in an instant, switch gears to a sword fight between Buzz and some imaginary, but dubious, ‘bad guy.’  Tonight he rediscovered his sister’s little pink cash register and opened up a store where I needed to come and pick out some stuff to buy—“hurry, we’re closing soon!  🙂

ADD to the TO DO list…remember to PLAY a little everyday.  Really play. Imagine.  Pretend.  See what happens!

Playing looks and feels different as we grow up.  The past week has been a busy, but fun one.  The quintessential summer activities of swim lessons are in full swing.   Y is learning how to tread water for 20 seconds and working on turning the belly flop off the wall into a movement that resembles an actual dive.  X started off the week with a kind, shake of the head refusal to jump off of the wall without holding the lifeguard’s hands.  By Day 2, he was jumping off of the diving board and going down the slide and being dunked repeatedly under water.  WOW!  The power of a little charming red-headed monkey working with a young pretty lifeguard–anything can happen! 

I am still reveling in a fun impromptu evening last week, where we happened to be at the pool with some of our closest friends and all of our kiddos.  Y and the boys strikes again…so much fun, watching the 6 boys and Y play in and out of the pool.  I think they may have even started a band, The Fireballs, and assigned instruments and roles to be revisited in a few years.  🙂  Also fun, was just the time to sit and talk with some good friends.  I had such fun, just laughing and talking with T, M, J & J–Another TO DO list item…laugh and talk with friends more.  Another thing good for the soul.

As we get older, play looks and feels different.  I have some new daydreams to play with this week.  Let’s see what we can make happen. 

Now…. Go, PLAY!


2 responses to “Play.

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  2. […] Play. “Forever Young” (while I love the Bob Dylan version) Rod […]

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